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Dr Kellyann's Transformations

DISEASE SIDE EFFECTS A FAINT MEMORY FOR CAM -Cam, who was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 17; has rheumatoid arthritis; has had joint replacement; and was on life support three times, shares here how she's no longer tired, has plenty of energy and no more stomach issues. As for her pesky UTI's? They're all but a memory.

BEA'S INFLAMMATION IS HISTORY - Meet Bea, who shares how it was painful for her to even walk, due to mounting inflammation. After the 30-Day, her joints are feeling great, gone is her spinal pain and the swelling in her wrists and knuckles is way down. Plus, her ankles are more than half the size they were! And her Cholesterol dropped from 268 down to 218

A NEW LIFE FOR CHERYL - Just over a decade ago, Cheryl was attacked and beaten. Following closed-head injuries, surgeries, and a steroid regimen that caused her to gain some 80 pounds, she's now losing weight, feeling more energetic, sleeps deeply, and more. Learn about how she's back to enjoying life at its fullest. "I love the detailed 30-Day process and the steps; that really helps me."

LINDA'S "IN SICKNESS AND HEALTH" JOURNEY - Linda embarked on the 30-Day when the husband needed to lower his cholesterol. Not only did he do just that, but she feels sharper, sleeps better and lost 20 pounds (he lost 25!). "And neither of us is snoring," she adds. Find out about their blood-sugar levels, cholesterol experience and more.

MERRIS IS FREE - Merris was a prisoner in her own home due to major intestinal issues. Watch here to hear about her journey from being diagnosed with severe celiac sprue disease (allergic to wheat and gluten) to her ensuing challenges to the success that came with the 30-Day. "I have no cramps, no pain," she says. "And I'm off most of my medications. I'm not 66 ... I feel like a teen!"

RUTHIE SAYS GOOD-BYE, INFLAMMATION! - Meet Ruthie, who abhors counting calories and tracking points, and was looking for a simple, healthy way to eat and combat inflammation. The 30-Day reduced joint pain, cleared her mind, improved her skin, and banished monthly migraines. "And I'm no longer a drama queen!" she laughs.