Eating Sustainably — Fish Gone Wild

Apr 20, 2014 | CATEGORY: Diet and Weightloss, Wellness


Every April 22, my kids come home from school with their artwork of Earth pictures, paintings and props tucked into their backpacks. This Tuesday we celebrate yet another round of Earth Day. Beyond creative art, folks can get creative in the kitchen, too, to honor Earth Day. Here, I present a recipe for Southwestern-style salmon that is absolutely delicious — and keeps our good ol’ planet Earth in mind. 

Sustainable Eating Defined: When you hear the word sustainable, does a hint of tofu hipster come to mind? For many, that’s exactly what happens. But truly, a sustainable diet/lifestyle is simply a responsible way of eating that circles back to providing you with better health.

Sustainable Agriculture: This is a responsible way of growing or raising food, including animals, in an ecologically and ethically responsible manner.  This method uses practices that protect the environment and safeguard human health, is humane to farm animals and provides fair treatment to workers. Eating “sustainably” means eating foods that are grown or raised according to these principles.

Why Eat Sustainably? This method/philosophy provides numerous health benefits, including decreased exposure to harmful substances such as pesticides, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and unhealthful food additives, and the potential to increase consumption of certain nutrients and antioxidants. Finally, eating sustainably means that you are supporting a more environmentally and socially responsible food system.

Learn More: Want to learn more? Visit one of my favorite websites, Sustainable Table, which will give you valuable information on the topic. Seafood Watch is another great organization and resource that I highly recommended for fish lovers. You can find the best and most sustainable fish in your area with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.  Check it out here. 



Super Green List: The wild caught salmon from Alaska in this recipe is on the “super green list.” Check it out here. 

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Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

Apr 20, 2014 | CATEGORY: Diet and Weightloss, Wellness