How Much Sugar Is In Your Yogurt?

Dr. Kellyann on Dr. Oz! Watch as I team up with Dr. Oz to help you rethink your yogurt. We tested hundreds of the top yogurt brands, and the amount of sugar in a single serving was shocking. Watch the...

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Supplementing With Collagen The Easy Way

Dr. Kellyann on Good Day LA! Are you ready for some fun? Watch as I team up with my girl Megan Colarossi, and the team at Good Day LA to help you discover which collagen friendly foods you can pick...

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Can Zero Calorie Beverages Cause Weight Gain?

We all want to be slimmer and healthier, right? That’s why millions of us are switching from sugary sodas to zero calorie beverages that seem to offer all the rewards of those sugary sodas without the price. The question is…Does...

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