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10 Jan

‘New Year – New You’ Event Almost SOLD OUT!


Birmingham, MI, Jan. 10, 2014 — Dr. Jennifer Bonde, owner of the Birmingham Wellness Center (BWC), and her business partner, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, never imagined that hundreds would reserve a spot for their free 30-Day Reset Program launch (a Paleo/primal-focused diet) presentation at 7 p.m. tonight at The Community House in Birmingham.

Bonde and Petrucci will share insights on how our ancestors during the Paleolithic Age (thus the name, Paleo diet) ate and how the human body was designed and what it can accommodate. To RSVP for the event, call the BWC at 248-645-6070.

”It’s simple; put real foods first,” Petrucci notes. “Kick refined sugars and anything with a barcode on it to the curb. That means stocking up on veggies, fruits, healthy oils and fats, fish, and meats and poultry from grass-fed sources.”

“People want to not only lose weight and look good, but feel great,” says Petrucci, the author of five healthy-living books by Wiley Publishing.

“In a day when one in five has auto-immune issues, we will be exploring solutions on how to combat everything from weight issues and inflammation to diabetes and heart challenges, plus more, all in the name of living a primal lifestyle.”

The number-one downloaded diet these past several months has been Paleo-based, says Petrucci, because it works.

These diets are non-restrictive, easy and all about making the right choices, notes Bonde, who herself has been on the 30-Day Reset Program and follows a primal lifestyle “most of the time,” she laughs. “We say follow it 80 percent of the time and you get 100 percent of the results! You’re not a slave to your scales. You become a thinker, a thoughtful eater, with your goal to become healthy and feel good, and, yes, you do lose weight.”
Adds Petrucci: “I’ve had patients who’ve lost a hundred pounds on this diet and have overcome major illnesses, from digestive challenges to diabetes.”

Petrucci notes that not only is the 30-Day Reset about eating well, but participants also find themselves during the four weeks making better choices on how they spend their time, quality of life, work-family balance, sleep patterns and more.

“Last year, we held this program on two nights at the BWC. This year, the RSVPs are through the roof, so we had to quickly find a larger venue,” Bonde says. “Health is becoming everyone’s number-one priority, and it should be.”

The 30-Day Reset will be revealed tonight to attendees, who will, beginning soon after the program, follow a 30-Day program, tracking their successes as they go, setting up regular appointments, tuning in to specific webinars tailored to them, and more. “We don’t just say, ‘Here you go, now get healthy.’ We support participants during the 30 days and beyond. We supply regular inspiration, shopping lists, meal plans and more. The BWC staff is ready to get the community healthy!”

About the doctors:

Dr. Jennifer Bonde is owner of the 16-year-old Birmingham Wellness Center (BWC), which offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, reflexology, yoga classes, and more. Recently, the BWC partnered with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, author of five healthy- living books from Wiley publishing. Petrucci and Bonde work with clients on launching healthy lifestyles based on their successful 30-Day Reset programs that focus on foods, fitness and lifestyle habits that the human body was designed to accommodate.

Petrucci appears on various news streams locally and nationally, and conducts workshops and seminars worldwide to help people feel — and look — their best. She also authors the popular drkellyann.com, providing news, tips and inspiration.

The 30-Day Reset “New Year – New You” event is free and will take place tonight at 7 p.m. at The Birmingham Community House Ballroom, 380 S. Bates St.