Just Say “NEXT…”

Dec 28, 2014 | CATEGORY: Personal Growth

I know I’ve asked a lot.

The past two weeks I’ve asked you to approach your 2015 New Year with a different perspective. A different mindset that I know will shift your life and help you lean into whatever junk comes your way. These are mental tips I wish I had learned early in life, but sometimes it’s just not supposed to happen that way, so you can appreciate the lesson.  I can tell you since applying these principles to my life I’ve been able to live bolder and more peaceful.

Truth in circle with red marker on white paper.





These last two weeks, I’ve asked you to Live in the Truth, and say “So What”  when it comes to what other people think of you.

The value of training your mind to live this way is immeasurable. You will breathe easier and people will naturally gravitate to you, because you become a “safe” person to be around who is in the mind space to add value to others life. You start to radiate in a way that is different… you’ll see. You become open to the energy of others, and not overwhelmed by it.

This last Sunday before ringing in the New Year I’m going to ask one more thing of you.  To harness the power of NEXT………

Life is painful. Lets face it. It’s not all potato vodka and roses. 2014 brought me more pain then I have ever had, but here’s the thing about pain. Everybody has their “10” on the pain scale. For some it may show up in the form of a divorce, maybe deep disappointment in someone or something, for some it may show up in the form of a death, or an illness they must face.  Everyone has their “10.”

None of us are invisible. None of us are alone.

Here’s what I want you to know about pain. If someone or something hurts you, dismantle the pain quickly. This is the best skill I have ever learned. Let yourself understand what it is, face it, process it, get angry – then replace it quickly.

I want you to literally say in your mind… NEXT. Picture the words. Replace the pain with something that brings you joy. To me, I picture all of those times when my boys were babies and would crawl all over me like little puppies.  I would strap then on me when I went to work and it was one of the best memories I have. Find something that floods your body with joy.  This will flood your body with “feel good hormones” and change your state.

Allow yourself to think of what pains you once a day at the same time of day– and only once a day –  for 10 minutes. Then you are done. NEXT…..

If you find that someone has done something to you that they know would be hurtful to you, NEXT… If you find someone doesn’t appreciate something about you, NEXT… If you bomb a meeting, a job opportunity, NEXT… If someone breaks your heart (and this is the toughest), but you need to pull out the biggest NEXT!… you have.

You may be wondering why all of this for the New Year, when your thinking Ok great Doc, but who cares. I jut want to drop some lb.’s in 2015. You’re going to get plenty of that from me this year, but would it shock you to tell you that there is more to losing weight then just the food?

Every structure and function of the body depends on your brain and nervous system. Your thoughts are so important to having a beautiful body, looking young, having great sex and joy in your life as what’s in your cupboard. You can’t have it all with having the mental piece.

Think of Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman or the multitudes of people who seemingly have it all but are desperately empty inside… I can get you as lean as can be, but I will tell you it means zip if you do not have a strong and peaceful state of mind.



Discovering to Live in Your Truth, Say “So What” and NEXT…. Are all powerful tools that will help you to evolve to the best version of you and have the life of your dreams.

While you’re hanging out this New Years, you may want to throw together one of my best recipes for just taking it down a notch. Check out my Paleo Pizza – this pizza is different. You wont feel like you swallowed a bowling ball after you eat a slice. You can enjoy and still totally rock your New Years dress. Promise.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

Dec 28, 2014 | CATEGORY: Personal Growth