Keri’s Success Story – Beating Symptoms of Lofgren’s Syndrome

Nov 01, 2016 | CATEGORY: Success Stories

Well, it’s time to celebrate. I’ve reached by goal weight, having lost 25 pounds and almost three full clothing sizes. More importantly, I’ve got ME back – the real me.

By the beginning of March, 2017, I had sunk into depression. Three years ago, I was diagnosed with Lofgren’s Syndrome, a form of sarcoidosis, an auto-immune disease that triggers arthritic inflammation in the extremity joints. Although I had officially been in remission for a year, the pain, inflammation and weight gain that came with the steroids required to treat the condition haunted me. Coupled with chronic lower back pain, I was spiraling into a vicious circle where food was my solace, but also my tormentor. I was terrified that if I didn’t motivate myself to change my lifestyle that the disease would return or would be replaced with something much worse.

A friend of mine told me about the benefits of bone broth and linked me to Dr. Kellyann’s book. I bought it immediately, made tons of broth, threw out all the processed food in my house, and began the 21 day program right after Easter. I was super strict when I didn’t think I had the willpower to be – no wheat, dairy or sugar – which I knew were all horrible culprits. After the first week, I could FEEL my body reacting – pushing away the inflammation. I reclaimed my control over food demons, and reclaimed my body. I could look in the mirror and feel good about myself again.

After my first two 21 day rounds, people around me noticed, telling me I looked “healthy,” asking “what have you been doing?” And the energy!

As a teacher, I could finally work on assignments and mark papers without joint pain. I could sit and do my work instead of having to stand and take tons of breaks because of swollen ankles, knees, fingers and wrists. I consigned all my clothes this past weekend, and have treated myself to new ones, in new styles that make me feel confident and yes, even a bit sexy (and at my age… 48). The best part of this journey was getting family pictures taken, looking at the proofs and seeing ME – the real me – not the swollen, sore, sad and sickly person from the past.

Thank you so much Dr. Kellyann. I’m officially 80/20 and there is NO turning back!

Nov 01, 2016 | CATEGORY: Success Stories