Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner (No Bloating!)

Here's a primal secret for a great party: Serve irresistible appetizers! 

Talk about setting a great tone for your party… Here's how it usually goes down: "WOW really, these are healthy and there's no wheat and dairy in these? No kidding!"

You might as well have recipe cards ready to hand out, because you will get asked! 

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How to Make a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

How to Make a Healthy Meal Replacement Shake More and more people have been asking if they can substitute a shake for a meal. I hear you! And my answer is… Yes! You can substitute a collagen shake for a...

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How to Get Rid of Bloat Fast, and for Good

Bloating can take a day from great to gloomy pretty quick. One minute you’re feeling sexy and confident. And the next minute you feel like a balloon that’s ready to pop. Has this ever happened to you? If so, you’re...

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