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Here are a few of the tens of thousands of people whose lives have been totally TRANSFORMED by the Bone Broth Diet...

The following testimonials are from Dr. Kellyann’s Facebook page:

"I started the 21-day Bone Broth Diet and want to give you my results. I may sound like a commercial: 

Eating right 

Lost 20 lbs 

Clothes fit much better 

Face is slimmer (only have a chin and a half now) 

Looking in the mirror I have improved from obese to a fat man with signs of thin on the horizon 

Best news, as a diabetic my glucose level was in zone virtually the whole time and I started lowering my insulin and finally tested no insulin at all. 14 days and counting. I am 2 days past the 21-day program and have added a few items into the last few days that I have craved and all it still under control. 

I now have my sister and brother in law on this as my wife and I bought them a book as a present, and you have influenced them as well. 

Thanks Doc. Someday I will stop bye your office and shake your hand and say, 40 lbs off."


 "I have to share my great news from my doctor today; he was very surprised at my numbers with a 5.7 A1C which last time was 6.7; 24 pound weight loss and almost normal kidney function which 2 months ago was at 1.9; he asked what I had been doing and I turned him onto your program; I'm so happy and will definitely stay the course.


"My name is Dorothy and my husband (77yrs) and I (80yrs) just finished your 21-day bone broth diet, and all we can say is it’s bloody amazing!!!! Before we started this diet, we had high blood pressure, high sugar, and cholesterol, plus we were booth quite a bit over weight! My Doctor had to take me off the blood pressure and cholesterol meds, because I developed ITP, an immune problem where my immune system was eating my platelets. The Hematology Doctor put me on Prednisone, and told me to watch my carbs. A week later, I saw your talk on P.B.S. and said this is the answer to all our problems. In 21 days my husband lost 13lbs, I lost 10lbs, my blood pressure went down dramatically. I just wanted to let you know this diet is good for all ages, oh and my husband don't have to take Digest Gold before each meal anymore. Thank you!!"


"Hi Dr. Kellyann, 

I thought you’d appreciate the latest report from my Endocrinologist after only three weeks on your Bone Broth Diet. Thanks for writing your book and providing all of the helpful information. I have also lost over 15 pounds in that three week period, and it even included a convention in New Orleans, where I slightly strayed from the plan, but was still able to keep by blood sugars much less than they had been."


Comments from the Doctor's Office: 

"The lab work looks great. 

Liver and electrolyte levels are all normal. Kidney function is stable. The sugar on the panel is in very good range. 

Cholesterol levels are excellent. 

The protein in your urine has resolved. The diabetic kidney disease has reversed at this point. You need to continue on the improved diet, it has made a huge difference in your health!"