Bone Broth and Collagen—Your Best Defense Against Aging

Jun 29, 2017 | CATEGORY: Anti-Aging, Benefits of Bone Broth

I talk all the time about the amazing healing powers of bone broth and collagen. By now, you know that they’re great for your gut, your waistline, and even your joints. But today, I want to remind you that these two magic foods don’t just make you healthy… they make you HOT, too! Here’s why adding them to your beauty regimen right now will be your best defense against aging. 

Collagen and bone broth make your skin beautiful

Collagen is the stuff that gives your skin its elasticity. From the age of 20 on, you lose about one percent of your collagen each year. This leads to wrinkling, sagging, and cellulite.

To prevent this relentless aging, you’ve got to increase your collagen levels. It’s that simple.

Of course, you can use expensive creams to fight wrinkles and cellulite, but that’s not the best strategy because your skin doesn’t absorb them well. The trick, instead, is to feed your skin collagen from the inside. And that’s where bone broth and collagen supplements come in!

A high-quality collagen supplement delivers a huge dose of wrinkle-blasting collagen right to your skin cells. Similarly, bone broth—which is loaded with the building blocks of collagen—mainlines these building blocks directly to those skin cells.

The result: Your skin gets smooth and dewy, just like it used to be years ago—and those cottage-cheese thighs get firm and sexy again.

Collagen and bone broth make your hair and nails strong

Want still more reasons to add collagen and bone broth to your diet?  Then here you go: They’ll make your hair and fingernails gorgeous. Here’s what the science shows:

  • One group of researchers conducted two experiments to see if gelatin (the cooked form of collagen, which is what you’ll get from bone broth) affected hair. They reported, “The most dramatic effect of supplementing the normal diet with 14 grams of gelatin daily was an increase in hair diameter averaging 9.3% in the first study and 11.3% in the second study. Approximately seventy percent of the subjects in both studies showed increases in hair diameter ranging from 5% to 45%.”
  • Another group of researchers asked 50 people with brittle nails to eat gelatin daily for three months. Of this group, 43 developed stronger nails.

So go ahead and use fancy shampoos and conditioners, and expensive polishes and nail hardeners… but for truly amazing results, feed your hair and nails the collagen they’re craving.

How to get more collagen and bone broth in your diet


Clearly, if you want gorgeous skin, gorgeous hair, and gorgeous nails—and who doesn’t?—then adding bone broth and a collagen supplement to your diet is a no-brainer. What’s more, as you’re getting younger and more beautiful, you’ll also be healing your gut, reducing your joint pain, and burning off that belly fat.

And here’s more good news: It’s super-easy to add collagen and bone broth to your diet.

You can make collagen shakes and smoothies, and drink bone broth straight from the mug. You can also add either collagen or bone broth to soups, stews, and chilies. You can even put bone broth in your cocktails, and collagen in your coffee! And on days when you’re on the go, you can get your collagen fix from my SLIM Collagen Broth to Go.

So make these two “better than Botox” foods—bone broth and collagen—a key part of your anti-aging arsenal. Enjoy them every day—or, better yet, two or three times a day. Then go hit the pool or the beach, and flaunt your HOT new summer look!

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Jun 29, 2017 | CATEGORY: Anti-Aging, Benefits of Bone Broth