BLT Dip… also a Fabulous Lettuce Wrap!

Feb 14, 2014 | CATEGORY: Diet and Weightloss

Sunday Morning Bacon is up!  Can you smell the smoky bacon paprika favors?

This BLT dip is one of my favorites – and for good reason. It’s easy to throw together, easy to make in batches, easy to transport, tastes delicious and it’s insanely healthy. That all makes this recipe a done deal.

Like you, I’m SUPER busy and am always on the lookout for kitchen short cuts to feel — and look — my best, while I keep on, keeping on.

So this recipe is a 2fer. You get two recipes here because not only is this recipe a great dip for your fave veggies, but it can make for a great wrap, too — just spoon it onto some Romaine lettuce leaves, roll ‘em up and voila! Crunch, taste and deliciousness!

Check the Recipe Out Here.

Keep thinking big and living bold!


Feb 14, 2014 | CATEGORY: Diet and Weightloss