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Kids Primal Meatballs

Welcome to Sunday Morning Bacon with Dr. Kellyann!

Did you miss last Sunday’s “What’s New at announcement? Here’s what’s cooking:…

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Kids Primal Meatballs

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Welcome to Sunday Morning Bacon with Dr. Kellyann!

Did you miss last Sunday’s “What’s New” at announcement? Here’s what’s cooking:

Every week I’m dishing out a dish from my weekly cooking adventures! I’m rolling up my sleeves and pulling out my Italian!

These recipes just may make you wake up on Sunday mornings saying, “I wonder what Kellyann’s got cookin’ today?”   

You can expect the following from these recipes:

Seriously delicious

Perfectly primal

Sometimes naughty (like the decadent cookie recipe I’m working on now)

Timely tie-ins (like the Super Bowl goodie I’m working up)

Easy to make

Totally original and fresh

You’ll love this recipe, whether you have kids or not.  I might even be bringing a tray of these beauties to a Super Bowl gathering.

If you want your kids (or spouse!) to eat vegetables, sometimes you have to beat them at their own game. Get creative, mysterious and, most important, get a little grit.

I always make my kids at least taste the green stuff because I know the more they get that taste in their mouth, the more they are sensitizing themselves to what is a “normal” naked taste without all of the modern-day additives and enhancers.

These are what I call Kids Primal Meatballs. You need to know they are PRIMAL — not 100 percent Paleo. They do have a little Parmesan cheese in them. If dairy is out for you, then so are these meatballs.

There’s also a sneaky ingredient — cauliflower! It’s buried in and goes undetected by any kid. I love adding the cruciferous cauliflower to our diets because it’s linked to cancer prevention, especially bladder, breast, colon and ovarian cancers. Talk about a great veggie that quells inflammation, this is it.

Do I want kiddos to know they have to eat their vegetables? Do I want kids to know what the actual vegetable looks like without being buried in food? Of course! So, putting out your vegetables at meal times so all can see is important.

But come on. Slipping veggies in on the sly now and then doesn’t hurt, either!  

Stay tuned for my other Primal Kid Recipes coming your way! But for now you — and your kids — will love these meatballs.

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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