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This Valentine’s Day, Serve Your Sweetie Something New!

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This Valentine’s Day, Serve Your Sweetie Something New!

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci


Chocolate and flowers are lovely on Valentine’s Day. But this year, do you have the urge to do something different? If so, check out these fun and funky ways of telling your significant other “I love you.”

Decorate your salad with jicama hearts.

Jicama seriously needs a good PR person, because it’s one of the tastiest and most nutritious veggies on the planet… and hardly anyone knows about it! Yes, jicama looks goofy on the outside—like a gigantic white turnip. And yes, its peel is toxic (so don’t eat that part). But on the inside, jicama is crisp and sweet. It’s also one of the world’s best prebiotics, helping to create a healthy environment for your gut bugs.

But enough about microbes… let’s get back to love! To make a Valentine’s Day salad special, peel a chunk of jicama, cut it into wide, thin slices, and then make hearts from the slices with a cookie cutter. Toss the jicama with tomatoes, greens, and your favorite dressing, and voila: You have a simple and romantic salad.

Serve up some chocolate… savory-style.

Nothing’s more sexy than chocolate on Valentine’s Day. And chocolate is incredibly versatile, too—which is why you can use it in savory dishes as well as sweet ones. Here’s a fab recipe from Stupid Easy Paleo for chicken mole you can make in your slow cooker. Chicken smothered in a warm, spicy, complex chocolate sauce… how’s that for romantic?

Give your sweetie a teddy.

Teddy bears are a romantic Valentine ’s Day gift. And you know what else is romantic? Coffee, because it increases your blood flow and gives you a boost of happy-making dopamine. This year, combine the two of them in these Café Latte Gelatin Gummy Bears from Grass Fed Girl. Adorable.

Gelatin and tequila… oh yeah, baby.

I’m always telling you to get a daily fix of gut-healing gelatin from bone broth. But on Valentine’s Day, here’s a more sinful way to do it: with these Tequila Jello Shots from The Daily Paleo. Just don’t blame me for what happens afterward.

Of course, there’s always room for the traditional ways to celebrate this special day. For instance, my Chocolate Nut Truffles and Paleo Espresso Gelato with Chocolate Chips are always a hit, and my Berries and Whipped Coconut Cream recipe is a perfect ending to a romantic dinner.

So go traditional, or think outside the box. The important thing is to let the people closest to you know that you love them. Enjoy… and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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