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Living in Truth

What price do we pay when we put on a false front—and what gifts do we miss out on when we’re scared to live in our truth? Here’s why the cost of hiding behind a mask may be far higher than you think.

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Living in Truth

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

I had a great business lunch last week. The food was fantastic, and so was meeting my new friend. Sometimes when you meet people, you know they just get you.  That’s what made this meeting so easy, so enjoyable, so honest. This meeting was important. It was business-focused, yes. But it didn’t feel like it. Not for a second.

Trust me: I’ve had meetings where I knew within 90 seconds that I was toast. The people I was trying to reach were going to give me the courtesy 15 minutes, and then my fanny was outta there.  It’s a painful part of growth – and at times like this, I’ve learned to reflect and ask myself, “What happened here?”

Here’s one thing I’ve realized from experiences like this: It’s my job to invite people to “get me.” And that means showing them the real me. It means living my truth.

So let me ask you: How honest are you?


Do you feel like you have to be perfect? Do you feel like you have to put on a front for yourself, and for everyone around you? Are you afraid to be honest about your kids, your marriage, the stress you feel, your true passions, how often you are or aren’t having sex, or even the food you eat?

This is where my friend Michelle comes in.

Meeting Michelle was a profoundly important part of my growth. I was ready to receive what she could bring to my life, and as it happens, she appeared and has been one of my greatest gifts.

She’s a gifted storyteller and can pump ideas like a machine. Her stories are always peppered with funny moments and life lessons. She’s had enormous success, which makes her incredibly interesting. But what makes Michelle the most special to me is her transparency. I have never seen anything like it.

She’s not afraid to tell you about her views on anything, and she never tests the waters first to see if her opinions will fit in with the popular vote. She will tell you about her shortcomings, her challenges growing up, and her day-to-day struggles.  She eases through conversations with others because she has nothing to hide. It’s refreshing and makes me feel safe around her.

When I think about this, here’s what strikes me: Why is this kind of transparency such an anomaly? Why do we keep paying the price of hiding, lying, and putting on false fronts?

If you’re wearing a mask in your own life, the price you’re paying may be bigger than you realize. Maybe this failure to live in your truth keeps people from “getting” you. Maybe it keeps you from getting that job you want. Maybe it keeps you from being the mom or dad you want to be, or finding the love of your lifetime – or maybe it keeps you from being truly happy, free, and light on the inside. And worst of all, maybe your secrets and lies are making you sick.

When I asked my friend Michelle what gave her the desire to live so authentically, her answer was thought-provoking. She said, “I believe the universe follows a certain course. If you’re putting out false information, you’re not getting the messages you are supposed to receive, or the people who are supposed to be coming your way, or whatever gifts you should receive. That’s because the universe doesn’t know how to find you. It’s like Santa comes bearing gifts, but he doesn’t know how to find your house.”



Huh… Interesting, right?

Let the truth set you free. And let the universe bring you all the gifts you deserve.

And while we’re speaking of gifts – and of being 100% real – here’s my treat for you today. It’s Holiday Cranberry Pecan Cake, and it’s gluten-free, all natural, with no fake anything. Totally real – the only way to be. You’ll love it!

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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