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Sweet Black Cherry Gelatin (Being Blunt About Gut Health)

Today’s post is about Frank, the world’s best colorist. It’s about a cherry dessert that’s to die for. And it’s about bone broth and gelatin. What ties all of these threads together? Read on….

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Sweet Black Cherry Gelatin (Being Blunt About Gut Health)

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci



I have the greatest colorist in the world. You really have to meet the guy. He has a great sense of humor, too, and doesn’t make me laugh – he makes me roar! 

Frank Friscioni, a celebrity colorist who was herald by Entertainment Tonight as “New York’s King of Color,” is one of the city’s most coveted colorists. You can find him at Oscar Blandi in New York or in Palm Beach at his salon, Frank Cassi Beauty.

The guy is the most animated human being I’ve ever met. He also is the only person I’ve ever met who talks with his hands more then I do. He’ll launch into this story and then start his genius. LaLaLa with chat, then he looks at one of his assistants with complete authority and spurts out directions that they know they better follow to a T. Then, he launches into his story with of course, active hands.

Frank and I connected the first time we met. Here’s why.

I sat in the chair waiting to be serviced. Frank’s assistants already prepped me with this and that. I sat and observed. He was five people deep, telling his stories and performing as usual with his hands all over the place.  

I noticed that all of these clients (and I have since found out have been with him for many years) love him.  Now full disclosure: There is nothing sexual going on here. He’s simply a bomb of a colorist, a total sweetheart and a darn good entertainer.


What Frank was discussing with the women that day caught my ear.  He was talking about his immune system and how he never felt well anymore, how he was exhausted. Every time he tried to work out hard at the gym, his efforts were derailed because he ended up getting sick and had to take time off. He shared with them how he had been to several top docs in Manhattan to no avail. And he had been tested for everything  — all negative. Frank was tired. Frank was frustrated, and Frank felt hopeless. He wanted answers.

He came over to my chair, and I told him with no provocation or beforehand pleasantries, “Frank, you are in the wrong paradigm here.” He looked perplexed. “Frank,” I said, “you’ve been responsible. You’ve undergone several tests.  Why do you keep going back for more and more testing, which is often more invasive each time? To what end?” Crazy thing to tell someone at your first meeting, but I knew he needed to hear it. He listened intently (while making my hair look better than ever). We’ve been friends ever since.

I inspired him to focus on where so much of the immune system actually lives (which, through multiple doctors, was never mentioned). That being THE GUT. The Peyers Patches in the gut are significantly important in ensuring proper immunity. If your gut is damaged, your immunity will be compromised. It was no surprise that Frank had many of the signs and symptoms of inflammation and a gut that needed healing. He had severe bloating, achy joints and exhaustion.

The starting plan for Frank was bone broth and gelatin. Both are insanely healing to your immunity. I talked all things bone broth in this post here.  One of my favorite Frank stories is in fact of his adventures in making his first pot of bone broth. He first tried to pawn the task off to his lovely mother, but that was a bust. When he perused the project on his own, it was even more of a cluster. I think his text read something like: “Was all of the water supposed to disappear from the pot?”   

Despite all of this comedy, Frank is well on his way to bigger and better as he delves deeper into the real cause of his issues and allowing him to continue to be a bright light for others.

Gelatin is phase two after bone broth, and also has many deep healing properties. You’ll read more about it in an upcoming blog post, but here’s a quick gelatin lowdown:



Gelatin heals the gut wall immensely. It also improves digestion since it naturally binds to water and helps food move more easily.

It supports skin, hair and nail growth.

It’s healthy for your joints.

It can help decrease cellulite.

It’s a fantastic source of dietary collagen. (Side note: Collagen is too large to be absorbed by the skin, so those skin creams are a close second to what gelatin can do to re-boost collagen in the skin.)

Cheers to Frank — this Sweet Black Cherry Gelatin recipe is for you! Gelatin up, Frank! The world needs your magical personality and genius touch. Love ya!

By the way, did you see my Facebook post with one of my favorite quotes? Check it out here. 

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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