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Paleo Espresso Gelato – For My Dad

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Paleo Espresso Gelato – For My Dad

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Happy Sunday!  It has been an unusual several days for me. It’s the first month in many, many years that I have not had a book publishing deadline or had a public speaking engagement or book signing, been in product development, managing a product launch, traveling for a television segment, double-booked with consults, or triple-booked with patients in either Bucks County, PA; Princeton, NJ; or Birmingham, MI. Also, no traveling for a mastermind or a seminar somewhere for the first time in, well, it seems like ages! 

What gives? As I always say: full disclosure.

Someone I respect immensely told me that it just might be time to put a lid on it for a while. So for me, this month is about surrendering and decompressing. I use the word surrender because there have been many opportunities this month I’ve had to “surrender” up a “no” response in order to stick to my marching orders.

Not easy for me, but I want to do what it takes to grow and improve. I must say, the down time has been precious — I actually think I forgot what it feels like to do one thing at a time. It feels as forbidden and sexy as taking an Armani dress to the sales clerk and saying “ring me up.” Naughty, but really nice!

Time now to hit the road a bit so I can continue to bring you the freshest, most innovate information.

Today I’m writing to you from a café in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia. It’s a beautiful day for a business meeting over breakfast. Tuesday, I’ll be in New York City, then off to Baltimore, and then Michigan. It all ends next Monday when I am appearing on CBS Talk Philly for the segment “Go Paleo or Go Home.” (Finally … Philadelphia is ready to embrace putting real foods first! Yahoo … I’m not gonna lie, this took some convincing.)  I’m crazy about Philadelphia anchors Pat Ciarrocchi and Ukee Washington, and I can’t wait for them to fire away their questions! You’re also going to see some really awesome Paleo foods made EASY. You want fast/easy Paleo, Philadelphia? You’ve got it — I’ll deliver that for you!



Then it’s off to the beach with the entire Petrucci clan – and there are a lot of us! If you want the play-by-play, join me on Instagram, where I’ll post daily updates on everything Petrucci. One thing I can tell you for sure: You will not be bored.

And speaking of boring (my son’s favorite word), my Espresso Gelato may be the most “un-boring” dessert you’ve ever had. Since I received such an overwhelming response from my last Gelato, I decided to play it again, Sam.

Check out my Espresso Gelato. This recipe is for you AND the people in your life who care enough about you to tell you to JUST CHILL! 

By the way have you read my Facebook post about the person who had the most influence on my life?

Keep thinking big and living bold!

-Dr. Kellyann

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