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Paleo Lifestyle: Stage time, News Time and Hanging Out … Paleo Style

If I did not follow the principles of putting real foods first, I’d be dead in the water. If I didn’t truly live Paleo for Life, againdead in the water. …

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Paleo Lifestyle: Stage time, News Time and Hanging Out … Paleo Style

Written by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

SanDiego Living quick and healthy Paleo entertaining
Primetime with Taylor Baldwin. Producer said…this segment changed my life!
My very awesome agent
DCS and the Docs. What a great bunch of docs! So stoked about Living Paleo!

If I did not follow the principles of putting real foods first, I’d be dead in the water. If I didn’t truly live Paleo for Life, againdead in the water.

My life of late, you see, requires that I’m fueled for success. No burning out allowed when writing — and promoting — books.

I’m betting many of you can parallel your own situations with mine. Whether you write books, are a stay-at-home parent who volunteers a lot, a CEO or a college student, you need the right fuel to be successful.

A look inside my world: What you may not know about writing a book is that the writing and content creation are actually the easy parts!

Really! It’s more difficult to obtain a literary agent than to have dinner with the Queen. And, obviously, it’s even harder still to write five books consecutively, which is what I have most recently accomplished.

Balancing writing with my personal life is close to impossible. My “boss” is one of the world’s largest international publishers, so I definitely am on a strict and demanding deadline schedule, which, at times, makes getting a root canal seem like a decent distraction.

With five books behind me, though, I can tell you all of that is a walk in the park. A breeze, a vacation, easy street, a cinch.

The really hard part? Marketing and promotion. When a book rolls off the presses, that’s not the time to breathe a sigh of relief. Anything but! This is when my work has just begun.

Stage time, workshops, book signings, mingling with other bloggers, giveaways, TV segments, radio broadcasts, print ads, upping my social-network presence … you name it, this all comes into play.

Whatever your passion or career, I’m betting you, too, are wrapped up in ancillary must-dos that may not be exactly the same as promoting a book, but surely require extra energy!

This ancillary work for me means a lot of airport time, hotel rooms, and hours of just sitting on my fanny. Time changes, rigorous schedules, and the need to be constantly “on” also add to the frenzy. It’s like a whirlwind of good chaos.

Lucky for me, I love being mobile and I adore the lights, camera and action! But if I did not follow the principles of putting real foods first, I’d be a wreck. Never would I be able to accomplish what needs doing after a book rolls off the presses.

To enjoy a purpose-driven life — and stay sane and healthy — requires the utmost attention to food values. This doesn’t have to be difficult and daunting. Just a few changes nets big results. You know how it goes — sometimes a millimeter of a shift can make a massive change.



Here, three of my daily swaps that will help you lean into change to create natural fat burning, and a younger, more energetic body:

1) Swap out vegetable oils (such as canola or safflower) for a healthier option like coconut oil or grass-fed butter, which both help to reduce inflammation in your body.

2) Swap out traditional table salt (such as Morton Salt) for a healthier option like Celtic Sea salt or real salt, both of which help to mineralize your body to create healthy cells.

3) Swap out those 100-calorie snack packs for a healthier option. Consider a handful of unsweetened coconut chips (these can actually help you lose weight and make your skin silky-smooth!).

As for a recipe, my favorite concoction is the Green Zinger. I fuel up with this before any major undertaking, from long-distance travel to book signings and presentations.

(Incidentally, my next ebook is in the works and will feature this recipe and others for swapping bad foods for good.)

This juice will set you on FIRE! Your skin will glow, your eyes with sparkle, and … well, it’s the all- natural attitude adjuster.

Green Zinger
(blend all in blender or juicer, and voila!)

1 head of romaine lettuce
6 stalks of kale (any type)
2 small apples (organic Fuji is my fave variety)
1 organic lemon
2 inches of fresh ginger


So remember, lean into change with these minor swaps to yield BIG results!

For more tips and to learn about the world’s true Superfoods, Paleo Cookbook for Dummies brims with solutions to help you feel — and look — your very best.


Stage time, TV segments, meeting with agent and now chil-axing with the girls

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